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Robert C. - Rhode island

Been traveling for a month. Got home last Thursday for one day and off again. I installed the board and played a bit that evening. Got in last nite and played all through both debates...meaning a cumulative of hours. I can't thank you enough for what you did. It's working beautifully and it's so good to be able to make piano music again. As I'm 54 and a crappy piano player, but obvious running hard everywhere, this was my personal 'tonic'. Not having it was like a dark cloud following me everywhere. So, thanks a million again and a talentless piano pounder in a small town in Rhode Island is a huge fan of you! 

Sergey Yev - New Jersey

I have a lot of experience dealing with different companies/people in repair business, but I have never in my life, come across anyone like these guys. Yes, it took them more than half a year, and multiple attempts to repair my instrument. I am sure, that everyone else, in their shoes, would have dropped the issue along ago, after the first, or may be the second unsuccessful attempt to fix it. But -not these guys. They were relentless, asking me to send one board after the other, trying to diagnose the problem, which was definitely the tough one. But, I guess, the end result, what really counts. And they DID IT. I can't begin to tell you, how happy it made me feel. I was dancing like crazy, and my wife thought that....I lost it...May be I did...for a moment. If not for them, I would have to discard the instrument ($12,000 retail value when I purchased it years back) and look for something else. I would recommend everyone to trust them. If they have started, they will finish it. If it takes longer that you would like it to be, trust them like you would trust your doctor, and be patient. Thank you a million. You saved me, and saved me a lot of money too. Sergey

Dominie Bush - Florida

Eric came to Middleburg to repair one of my student's pianos, an older model Yamaha Clavinova. Eric was professional in every way and also related well to my student (a teenager). He even had him play a few tunes on the newly repaired piano "to test it out." My student, his family and I all enjoyed meeting Eric. He was highly recommended to us by Jack Melvin, manager of Keyboard Connection in Jacksonville. I have every confidence in recommending Eric to my piano students and also to churches and schools in our area.

Frédéric Pythoud - Switzerland

I bought a piano Yamaha CVP 207 in 2002. The piano worked very well for more than 10 years, but suddenly in 2015, it didn't provide any sound on the left and then on the right channel (loudspeakers). A specialized technician in Switzerland came to repair it. He pointed out the motherboard, without being able to fix the problem. He tried to get a replacement motherboard from Yamaha without success. Finally he declared the piano as dead. I couldn't accept throwing away such a wonderful instrument. I found Eric's repair service on the Internet and I contacted him. Following his instructions, I removed the motherboard and I sent it to him for repair. Thank Eric's very professional service, my piano is now working again perfectly. Thank you a lot Eric ! Frederic / Switzerland

Michelle L.

Hi guys ... We searched high and low and all our local yamaha specialists said that our keyboard was beyond economical repair . Searching on eBay we found Eric .... He was ultra genuine and asked for us to send the motherboard , with no charge if he couldn't resolve the problem....2 weeks later we received a video of it working!
These guys are exceptional.... Totally genuine , really care and do an unbelievable job. The circuitry was tiny , but hey we now have a beautiful digital piano ! Exceptional . A huge amount of thanks !

Lynette G.

Awesome service! They repaired the electronic board for our CVP 107. Fast turnaround time, had a little trouble reinstalling (on a Sunday), emailed Eric and he replied right away, even tho he was on vacation. He helped us get our Clavinova up and running. It works great now! Thanks for the great service!

Simon L. - England

Absolute genius ! The motherboard is miraculously repaired . Only you could do it . Thank you my friend . We had £££££s of scrap but you have found life and functionality ! Please post this on your website ! You have made 1 ... Little 8 year old soooooo happy ! We have music and sound and FULL functions ! Brilliant ! Huge thanks !

Brian B. - Ontario, Canada

Both boards you repaired for me are working OK now. Thank you very much. Do you repair Roland CPU boards as well? (I can supply the schematics.)

Karl R. - Hurricane, UT

Piano worked!! Quick response. Fixed and returned within a week!

John H.

Just a note of appreciation for your most excellent repair of the DM board of our old Clavinova. It is playing like new again and our pianists could not wait to replace our much newer Roland keyboard with the Yamaha Clavinova. Thanks again!

Arlene V. - Canada

I put it together and it works. I am absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much. I don’t know what I would have done with it if you hadn’t fixed it for me. Thanks again

Joe C. - Director of Music Ministry

I received the motherboard today (3/27/14) and installed it. Fantastic work! I'm so glad you were able to fix it. The parishioners and priests will be very happy to have a quality instrument in our Lower Church. I appreciate your quick communication and fast turnaround...I will be sure to refer people with keyboard problems to you in the future!

Tim C.

Eric, I got the piano back together today and it works like a charm. Thanks for all the help and assistance.

Martin C.

Hi Eric, The piano worked flawlessly for the past 48 hours is running just fine currently.

Dave B.

Now, the really good news! :0) I just finished installation (without looking at one visual aide! And it works perfectly! First sound I
have heard from my piano in a year!
So, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help!

Have a great Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and a Prosperous New Year!


Gilles Perrier - France

j'ai bien reçu la carte DM du cvp 210
fonctionne parfaitement

petite question
j'ai un ami qui a le même problème sur un cvp 207
il n'y a plus de son

je vais lui donné votre adresse


Dermot S.

Motherboard received, installed and working perfectly - thanks for your assistance, very much appreciated:)

Ian B. - U.S. Navy

Just got the MB installed back into the Clavinova. Works great!! 


Michael G.

WOW! you guys rock! just installed the boards and am now putting thru its paces. thanks so much!

Michelle S.

I am glad we found you! I have 4 Clavinovas ... hopefully, the same thing doesn't happen on the others (2 of the others are CVP 207s). I also travel around the country teaching teachers about using technology in their studios so I will certainly pass along your name if anyone has issues with theirs.

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